Time and art

Located in the heart of the old town of the Saxon state capital Dresden our Tempus Arte boutique presents well-known watch and jewelry brands in an exclusive brand environment.
As flagship store of LANG & HEYNE we are proud to present German watchmaking art which is unique in this form.

Discover exceptional master pieces of mechanical watchmaking and goldsmithery!
We would be delighted to give you an insight in the art of handcraft.

We look forward to your visit at Schloßstraße!

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The combination of art and time is a promising name. The displayed sparkling and ticking pieces of jewelry should be called artwork as it is far away from mass merchandise. Some pieces are solely available in the Tempus Arte Boutique in Germany proving our high standard of design and quality. Precious chronometers, jewelry and accessories embody real craftsmanship largely marked with the label “Made in Germany”.
Dresden being the artistic and cultural centre and original cradle of Saxony’s watchmaking makes it the best possible domicile for such an exceptional boutique. Located in the heart of Dresden vis-á-vis the Green Vault it’s the perfect setting for enthusiast of historical and contemporary art.
Qualified consulting and exceptional service is not an empty promise. Your individual inquires and wishes will be processed fast thanks to our short ways of communication with our brand partners, who are not organized in group structures. We are no standard, just as little as our mechanic watches and jewelry. Nor are YOU.


Andersen Geneve

The watchmaker of the impossible!

The presentation of his spectacular bottle watch was a worldwide sensation in 1969. After that Andersen was employed by the watch manufacturer Patek Philippe, where he realized sophisticated watch complications. As independent watch creator he developed various complications since 1979, for example models of world clocks. Svend Andersen is also a specialist of creating watches with perpetual calendars. In cooperation with Alain Silberstein he created the spectacular first wrist watch with the Jewish calendar Hebraika, an indeed perpetual calendar! A gear inside the watch shifts only once each 400 years to adjust the leap year 2100. The model “Eros”, classic elegant at front-side, displays a mostly moveable (erotic) watch mechanism on the back. The “Montre á Tact” (tactful watch), based on Abraham-Louis Breguet, owns a discreet second time display in order to not compromise his counterpart while checking time.

The founder of AHCI, académie horlogére des créateurs indépendants, creates numerous individual pieces for sophisticated collectors.

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Christian van der Klaauw

Astronomy. Time in its purest form.

The movement of celestial bodies fascinates since the beginning of humanity. Thanks to creators of the Dutch manufactory Van der Klaauw one glance is enough to monitor time and movements of stars.

These masterpieces are excellent thought out and manufactured in highest handicraft perfection, convincing also in its classical elegant design. The collection of the specialists for complications appearing in astronomical measures in the most literal sense encompasses the series“Collection of the stars” with conventional as well as innovative moonphase displays (Retro Moon).

The series “Masterpieces” is characterized by outstanding developments like rotating, three-dimensional miniature moons in “Real Moon” or the world’s smallest realistic planetarium the “Planetarium”. The integration of a complete astrolabe succeeded in a model of the same name. All watches from this manufactory are exclusive. The watches of “Collection of the Atelier” are even unique – real masterpieces, incorporating customer wishes in collaboration with the watch creators.

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Fascination of pearls in the second-generation

Established by Tove and Heinz Gellner in 1967, Jörg Gellner runs the GELLNER jewelry manufactory in the second-generation. The internationally active owner-led company is supported by Spirit of Pearls. This spirit combines passion for culture pearls with flair of design, the responsibility for employers and work with commitment to honesty, fairness and quality in collaborations with our partners. GELLNER represents “Made in Germany”, the fascination of selected noble pearls, the emotion of fine jewelry and the enthusiasm of women wearing a piece of GELLNER.

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The art of skeletonizing

The award-winning master watchmaker develops  mechanical movements through traditional handicraft skeletonizing and engraving in small-scale, accurate handwork to great masterpieces. A first draft will be developed based on the type of movement, in which the future owner incorporates his/her wishes. The stability of the movement sets the only limit to imagination. Disassembled into its individual parts and with an extremely small saw the master skeletonizes the movement with his experienced, steady hands. Followed by filing and decorating, polishing of edges – the so called chamfering – finished with spectacular hand-engraving under the microscope. The incorporation of special patterns, texts or symbols according to customer wishes is possible and emphasizes the individuality of the future owner.

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Lehmann Schramberg

Passion for Precision

In Schramberg in the Black Forest watches are created in tradition. Since October 2011 the manufactory Lehmann is located in the manor Berneck. High precision technology and clean design are characteristic for these watches and show the pleasure in mechanical watches made in Germany.

As real Schramberger, Markus Lehmann has grown up with enthusiasm for watches. For many years he had been responsible for the production of watch components for well-known Swiss companies where he gained in-depth knowledge.   After taking over his parents company “Lehmann Präzision” the Swiss watch industry became his biggest customer. “We established a name as problem solver”, he describes his development. Against this background it was not a huge step of creating own watches.

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Leinfelder Goldschmiede München

Touching Art

Pleasently smooth, elegant and timeless are the jewels of the Leinfelder goldsmiths. In the heart of Munich the team manufacture rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, lockets and earrings unique pieces according own designs. Finest materials are crafted to high-quality precious. The Munich-based company can look back upon a 50-year-old tradition, 1963 Erwin Leinfelder founded the well-known jeweler’s shop. 1997 his daughter Stephanie Wolf took over the business together with her husband and her colleague Martin Mandl Titus.

The team of Leinfelder goldsmiths manufactures each jewel with a lot of love and every filigree detail with the highest precision. Books about historical buildings and historical documents serve as inspiration for the design. The first idea is finally brought to paper and customers are often involved in the creative process right from the beginning. All finished jewelry are characterized by a particularly pleasant touch and its clear design, which accentuate the wearer’s personality.

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Lang & Heyne

With heart and soul of the Saxon Earls

For Lang & Heyne the word “manufacture” does not stand for refinement  and assemblage  of anonymous units or the installation of a single mechanism in a  watch. Marco Lang combines traditional watchmaking skills with the know-how of contemporary manufacturing and process engineering: Through computer based constructions and CNC technology within 1/1000 millimeter range nearly all parts are generated and produced in-house – starting with bridges and  plates to levers, springs, shafts, screws, wheels, pinion gears  and even the filigree hands in all variations. Also the case as well as the buckle are exclusively made by the master watchmakers, finnisseurs and engravers from Dresden. The implementation of new ideas, such as the declination indication of model MORITZ, prove the innovative spirit and thereby enliven the brilliant masterpieces manufactured according to the tradition of Saxon watchmaking. All of them bearing the names of local princes, they would most likely satisfy even their expectations.

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Perfect handiwork, grand science and stylish representation

The CHRONOS-Manufaktur® is one of the few instrument-makers anywhere in the world creating special sundials, astrolabes und armillary spheres based on historical originals and at the same time tailored to customers’ wishes. As astronomers, engineers, and creators of precision machines that are works of art, our interdisciplinary team builds unique astronomical instruments. They reproduce the classical elegance of the original instruments and their timeless design is sure to delight the eye of the beholder.

All our creations combine aesthetic handicrafts, precious metals and functional precision. Both in public exhibitions and in private use, our instruments are unforgettable works of art that preserve the history of science.

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Philippe Wurtz

Precision clocks as technical masterpieces

Precision Pendulum clocks are our passion. Although our daily life is not longer ruled by mechanical clocks for more than 60 years, they still fascinate us through the uninterrupted motion of wheels, pinions and the escapement. Our vocation is to perpetuate the tradition of these precious clocks.
Due to the fact that former clockmakers always focused on improving their precision clocks we see it our task not to rebuild but to innovate and create new clocks. For this reason, we have realised new features. Other features which have in the past been rejected on account of their difficulty, are successfully incorporated in the construction. Several years of development and many trials were necessary to build Gramat, a timekeeper which exceptionally unifies features that never were in a clock.

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Leinfelder Uhren München

The art of time

Since 1997 the team of the Leinfelder goldsmithery has started to develop and manufactur fine timepieces additionally to creating exclusive pieces of jewelry. The band lugs reflecting in fine detail the architectural styling elements such as capitals and volutes. The design idiom can be seen in in the side view of all models: The case is broadening from the ground to the top, which gives a baroque and elegant form.

The collection of Leinfelder various from mechanical models for ladies and gentlemen, all designed by Martin Mandl. Tradition and modern style determine the special design of these watches supplemented by highest wearing comfort. The Leinfelder watches are the epitome of absolute precision, highest quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics. Planning, design and construction of the exclusive Leinfelder timepieces takes place in the traditional workshop in the heart of Munich. For this reason all Leinfelder watches have a very special characteristic embellishment on the case: a small, stamped Munich Kindl.

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Modern goldsmithery

The family-owned company is rooted in 60-year tradition. Dan and Philipp Reiffert carry on what their ancestors have connected with this particular craft. The collections reflect passion for individual and unusual jewelry in every detail. The perfect interaction between tradition and contemporary design is the main focus. Reducing to the essential Reiffert developed a purist design language with a strong expressiveness. New forms are expensively worked in gold, platinum and silver and refined with fine diamonds and precious stones. With top quality materials, creativity and unerring sense Reiffert creates masterpieces of pure design – unique as you are.

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Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main

Time. For some it is a philosophical concept, for others it is a precisely measurable unit. For SINN it is a symbiosis of both, a combination of traditional craftsmanship and pacesetting innovations. Result: Timepieces that accompany people reliably through all phases of their lives. They guarantee highest precision even under extreme conditions. Experienced individually and verified objectively.

The second-world-war-pilot and blind-flying instructor Helmut Sinn founded the company “Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren” in Frankfurt am Main. The company focuses on the production of cockpit navigation clocks and pilot chronographs.

In 1994, the graduated engineer Lothar Schmidt took over the company. This marked the beginning of a new era for SINN, because new technologies and materials were introduced ensuring the future sustainability. Simultaneously the company was renamed into “Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH”.

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Christian Bauer

Passion for true values

Christian Bauer is an innovative and modern company simultaneously rich in tradition and with a historically-based brand name.
We aim to meet the requirements of our customers to the fullest possible extent. We are committed to developing distinctive and contemporary products. Our company philosophy centres on the creation of true values.
Christian Bauer is a German company located in Welzheim, specialising in the production of wedding rings for the premium market sector.
The brand offers its customers an attractive product line including engagement and wedding rings made of high quality materials like gold and platinum, as well as carefully chosen diamonds.
Every ring is unique and manufactured with high precision and exploiting years of goldsmith’s experience.
High quality and a special comfort fit are the result of the Christian Bauer’s goldsmith’s art.
Innovative products are characterized by a consistently modern and elegant design.

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Frank Jutzi

Artistic Time

Established in 1985 near Bern the artist’s exceptional ingenuity is especially visible in his table clocks. Especially lovers and collectors of imaginative watches and clocks pleasure the sensual quality of art. Either the aquamarine crafted god of time, the enthroned Chronos on top of the clockwork referring to the transience of things, or the clocks decorated with flamingos, kingfishers or female muses – it is always a combination of reading time and the beauty of being. The creative watchmaker convinces with developments of classic plain table-clocks combining delicate and handcrafted skeleton movements who are refined through various processes. Cases will be manufactured in wood as well as white or black painted metal on request. All watches are produced in small series.

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Precious craftsmanship from an expert’s hand

The company’s history began 1918 in Pforzheim, the traditional German metropolis of jewellery in the Black Forest, as a production facility for high class push action and twist action pencils, made from gold and silver. Subsequently, Waldmann developed and manufactured fountain pens and ball pens made from metals such as brass, silver or 18 carat gold. All writing instruments leaving our local premises have been manufactured in hard and affectionate handiwork by skilled craftsmen having long-term experience and using traditional techniques of craftsmanship. Thereby, enthusiasm for innovation, modern techniques and extensive metalworking has got a fine and long tradition. Nowadays, as already in its founding year, Waldmann still manufactures its writing instruments at 100% on its German location. Thus, the products from the Waldmann manufactory rightly bear the designation ‘Made in Germany’.

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Watches made for human needs

Since 2001, very special mechanical wristwatches have been manufactured in the Westphalian city of Münster: They have only one single hour hand with a fine needle point that enables the wearer to read the time exactly to the nearest five minutes. Company founder Manfred Brassler creates his classical timepieces with this unique characteristic in the technical and cultural tradition of early watchmaking.

Single-hand watches – a concept with tradition

The tower clocks of the Middle Ages also needed nothing more than a single hand: Visible from far away for the town’s citizens and the rural population, they showed how the day progressed, when it was time to rest, or when to finish work in the evenings. They helped people to plan their time. It was only modern times and the advent of industrialization that made it necessary to think in terms of increasingly short time periods. The clocks were gradually fitted with minute and second hands, which made people aware of the constant passing of valuable time.

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